Physician Recruitment

Effective Physician Recruitment Strategies & Education

A physician we had worked with for a long time participated in the recruiting process for another organization. She called us after that to thank us. She never realized all we did behind the scenes to make the process so easy until she saw all the challenges at the other organization.
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SMSC delivers end-to-end physician recruitment services for a myriad of specialties in healthcare organizations. Key elements of our approach include:

  • Hands-On Experience


    Providing a comprehensive, hands-on, high-touch process to ensure an exceptional experience for both candidates and clients.

  • High-Quality Recruiting


    Positioning our clients as premier employers to attract high-quality candidates, even in tight and competitive labor markets.

  • On-Going Support


    Partnering with clients to more fully understand organizational needs and culture to help ensure a good “fit.”

  • Customized Services


    Offering a full range of services, beginning with a scope of need through to offer negotiation.

  • Improved Capacity


    Bolstering an organization’s in-house recruitment expertise and capacity.

  • Cost-Effective


    Offering a simple, flat-fee pricing model with an option for a la carte services.

  • Experienced Staff


    Providing a highly experienced team with a proven track record of success in the healthcare industry.

Key Physician Recruitment Services

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Deliver end-to-end physician recruitment services for multiple specialties and geographies:

  • Assist with developing a scope of need
  • Candidate solicitation
  • Coordination of candidate inquiries
  • Facilitation of interview process
  • Preparation of offer materials
  • Negotiation support
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Develop practice profiles and other materials to promote the client organization’s unique strengths and portray it as a desirable employer.

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Improve the effectiveness of the selection process through enhanced services such as behavioral-based interview coaching and other consulting services.

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Provide onsite support, as needed, to ensure interview processes go smoothly, and candidates have an exceptional experience.

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Create effective, streamlined processes to reduce time to hire.

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Cultivate customized outreach and advertising plans based on client needs.

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Provide ongoing communication and regular status updates.

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Anne Bergeron

Manager, Recruitment Services

Aileen Kiwior

Senior Talent Acquisition Partner

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