Credentialing & Payor Enrollment

Our team helps relieve the administration that comes with credentialing medical staff, allowing you to focus on your business.

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Experienced Medical Staff Support

Outsourcing these services to SMSC relieves the tremendous administrative burden associated with credentialing and privileging functions and allows you to focus on your core business: providing excellent patient care.


When we had some unexpected staffing changes in our credentialing department, the SMSC medical staff services team was able to jump in quickly to augment our remaining team – and we didn’t miss a beat. Since then, SMSC has helped us automate our credentialing processes, improve workflow, and substantially reduce our turnaround time for re-appointments.”


Geoff Lawton, COO, Radiology Imaging Associates

Key Benefits


Reducing Administration

Reducing the administrative burden associated with complex application procedures, leading to improved provider satisfaction and more time dedicated to patient care.


Diminishing Revenue Loss

Lowering the revenue loss related to delays in payor enrollment or privileging.


Streamlining Processes

Including those associated with obtaining medical staff membership or clinical privileges at multiple organizations.


Cost-Effective Services

Delivering highly efficient services and predictable cost management.


Developing Custom Technology

Developing customized dashboards that allow providers and practice managers to easily track and report requirements for credentialing, privileging, ongoing professional performance evaluation (OPPE), and accreditation.


Subject Matter Expertise

Providing subject matter expertise in regulatory and accrediting requirements, which decreases compliance risk.

Key Services

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Partner with medical staff offices of health systems, hospitals, ASCs, and other sites across the U.S. to provide application and privileging support for both initial and reappointments.

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Provide comprehensive payor enrollment services, including CAQH maintenance, revalidation, provider/facility maintenance, and Medicare and Medicaid revalidation.

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Provide extensive compliance management services, such as OIG/SAMS/State exclusion monitoring, tracking board of licensure requirements, and administering medical staff bylaws.

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Leverage relationships with a wide range of commercial and governmental payors to ensure efficient processes.

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Conduct primary and secondary source verification for initial and reappointment.

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Develop and maintain procedures and systems compliant with various regulatory and certifying agencies such as AAAHC, OIG, boards of licensure, and others.

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Develop efficient processes and coordination among essential departments, including recruiting, revenue cycle, and others.

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Create easy-to-use provider reports to track licensing and other requirements.

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Featured Team Members

Roseann Napoleone

CPCS, CPMSM – Manager, Credentialing & Payor Enrollment

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