Financial Strategy & Support

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Effective Financial Strategists

SMSC has a multifaceted team that offers a range of services that includes executive-level strategy, comprehensive analyses, day-to-day operations, and bookkeeping support – and everything in between.

SMSC provides organizations with a full spectrum of financial services ranging from transactional to strategic-level initiatives. Benefits of our approach include:

  • Ensuring the overall financial health of your organization by utilizing data-driven strategies.
  • Capitalizing on opportunities to enhance revenue streams and/or reduce expenses.
  • Enhancing financial performance through reduced claim denials and improved processes.
  • Identifying opportunities for improved capital structuring.
  • Streamlining administrative processes and improving efficiency in day-to-day financial activities.
  • Improving financial modeling and forecasting capability.

Key Services

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Provide comprehensive financial strategy consulting on an interim or ongoing basis, including, but not limited to, projections and benchmarking, feasibility studies, forecasting, capital structuring assessments, and other analyses.

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Conduct a wide range of financial reporting and analyses to identify trends and ensure that revenue and expense targets are met.

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Develop and administer a wide range of physician compensation methodologies.

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Provide retirement plan administration and advisory services.

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Deliver customized coding, auditing, and education services that optimize payments and reduce claim denials.

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Provide a full suite of bookkeeping services including A/P and A/R processing, monthly reporting, expense tracking, and tax preparation.

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Perform cost accounting analyses to provide insight into service line performance and identify opportunities for expense savings.

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Create easy-to-use provider reports to track licensing and other requirements.

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Featured Team Members

John Dion


Amy Bibeau

Manager, Budget and Analytics

Leslie Buck

Manager, Patient Revenue

Patty Frechette

Director, Revenue Cycle

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