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With SMSC, clients receive customized, scalable, and cost-effective IT services from a team of experts who always put the customer first.
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IT plays an important role in organizational performance and patient experience. The SMSC IT team is highly experienced in the healthcare industry, so they are well-positioned to help your organization succeed. The primary benefits of our approach include:

  • Avoiding costs and reputation damage associated with cyberattacks and security breaches.
  • Providing strategic guidance and technology options that allow clients to choose an IT approach that best meets the needs of the organization.
  • Improving both provider and patient satisfaction through digital transformation. 
  • Streamlining IT support for your organization’s employees and partners.
  • Relieving stress and administrative burden associated with managing IT networks.
  • Reducing technology costs by streamlining processes and eliminating duplicative services.

Key Services

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Deliver comprehensive advisory services to better inform your organization’s technology strategy through our “virtual CIO” service.

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Develop framework and technology engine for broad-ranging organizational initiatives.

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Align technology resources and initiatives with overall business strategy.

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Guide and advise clients regarding digital health strategies that can optimize workflow, improve efficiency, and positively impact the patient experience.

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Provide strategic and tactical support for cloud migrations, including Modern Workplace and software as a service (SaaS) alternatives.

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Deliver comprehensive and reliable managed IT support through both onsite and remote arrangements.

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Conduct assessments to ensure network optimization and end-to-end security across your IT infrastructure.

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Stephen Link

Director, IT Operations

Robin Warren

Director, Software Engineering

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