RCM & Billing

SMSC delivers superior services and tangible results to improve key performance indicators for healthcare organizations.

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Our Partnership

SMSC works with its billing partner to provide a comprehensive suite of practice management and financial services that help build and sustain successful, thriving clinical organizations. The partnership features a proven track record of developing creative approaches to meet physician needs and an unwavering commitment to client service.

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Our Promise

A key element of our unique approach is that we stand behind the services we deliver to our clients in a variety of ways:

  • Transition Guarantee


    We contractually guarantee your organization’s cash flow will not decrease during the Transition Period (the initial four months after implementation).

  • Program Assurance Guarantee


    After the transition period, our Performance Assurance Guarantee begins. Based on our practice analysis – a review of the organization’s billing data to determine if improved billing performance is achievable – we set a cash flow improvement benchmark, that if not realized, our service fee decreases.

  • Unparalleled Expertise and Customer Service


    Since 1986, we have applied our TeamTechnology® philosophy to billing: we use proprietary technology driven by properly staffed, client-specific billing teams, to create tailored organizational-specific processes.

Key Benefits

Our clients benefit from a superior service experience and tangible results, such as:

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Average net collection increase of 5%.

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Higher clean claims rates and reduced denials.

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Reduction of billing-related costs by 5% on average.

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Improved Key Performance Indicators, such as net collection percentage and accounts receivable days.

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On-demand, customizable reports, and dashboards through our proprietary business intelligence tool, DiscoverTM.

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Single-point accountability: a dedicated senior-level manager who has end-to-end responsibility of the billing process, including overseeing a billing team assigned to your organization.

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Value-added services at no additional cost, such as education and support for MIPS and CDS qualification, ongoing coding and documentation auditing and assistance, and custom programming.

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Get Tangible Results Through RCM Service