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An Effective Solution for Strategic Leadership

In the rapidly evolving world of healthcare, managing a practice efficiently while staying ahead of industry trends and changes can be a daunting task. Healthcare practices often face the challenge of needing high-level executive leadership without the full-time commitment or expense.

SMSC offers fractional leadership support in a variety of functional areas including practice management, operations, human resources, finance, marketing, and revenue enhancement.

Fractional leaders can fill an interim need while searching for a full-time hire. For many small-to-mid-size practices, hiring a full-time executive may not be financially feasible, or even necessary. Practice leaders, such as a fractional CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO, or CMO can provide an excellent complement to an existing administrative team.

Our team of fractional leaders offer a practical and effective solution, providing high-level expertise, flexibility, and cost savings. By leveraging the skills of a fractional leader, healthcare practices can enhance their operational efficiency, drive growth, and ultimately provide better care to their patients. Additional key benefits include:

  • Diverse experience of best practices and strategies that have been proven successful.
  • Scalable and flexible involvement during critical growth phases, challenges, or strategic pivots.
  • Objective perspective on a practice’s operations, crucial for identifying areas of improvement, driving change, and ensuring the best interest of the organization.
  • Physicians and practice administrators focus on core competencies knowing the strategic and operational aspects of the business are in capable hands.
  • Seasoned professionals who quickly assess situations, make informed decisions, and implement strategies efficiently.
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Key Services

  • Fractional CEO: Strategic Leadership


    • Improve financial and operational health of the organization by Identifying and implement strategies to enhance practice performance.
    • Evaluate new business models, markets, and technologies to assess potential revenue or other strategic advantages.
    • Develop strategic planning processes that engages broad audiences including physicians, providers, and staff at all levels of the organization as well as external partners, patients, and other key constituencies.
    • Ensure alignment with organizational vision and objectives.
    • Develop and maintain external partnerships with key stakeholders.
  • Fractional COO: Operations & Management


    • Develop and implement operational plans to align with organizational strategy and goals.
    • Regularly conduct an array of business analytics to track progress with strategic objectives and ensure data-driven decision making.
    • Manage financial operations and budgets.
    • Lead diverse staff teams.
    • Implement programs that improve patient satisfaction.
  • Fractional CFO: Financial Strategy & Support


    • Develop financial strategy for the organization, including insight and recommendations to achieve both short- and long-term financial performance goals.
    • Conduct analyses to identify trends and ensure that revenue and expense targets are met.
    • Develop and administer a wide range of physician compensation methodologies.
    • Oversee the practice’s accounting, budgeting, and financial planning activities.
    • Generate financial management reports to provide practice leadership with insight into financial performance and trends.
  • Fractional CHRO: Human Resources


    • Develop strategies for talent acquisition and retention, performance management, employee benefits, succession planning, change management, and other key functions.
    • Ensure compliance with government and labor regulations.
    • Conduct compensation analyses to evaluate whether comp and benefit packages are competitive with market-area employers.
    • Provide “surge capacity” to support in-house teams during special projects or high-volume time periods, such as open enrollment.
    • Review or create employee policies, procedures, job descriptions, and employee handbooks to ensure compliance and mitigate liability.
  • Fractional CMO: Marketing, Communications & Business Development


    • Lead efforts to increase patient volumes and ensure practice profitability.
    • Develop communication strategies for internal and external audiences.
    • Create and execute omnichannel communication campaigns with an effective blend of traditional, digital, social media outreach, and public relations components.
    • Provide comprehensive market analytics to identify environmental trends, competitive threats, and market opportunities.

Key Service Line Team Members

David Landry

Chief Executive Officer

Beth Austin

Vice President, Operations

John Dion

Chief Financial Officer

Julie Wheeler

Chief Human Resources Officer

An Effective Solution for Strategic Leadership