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Improve Organization Performance

The SMSC team includes a range of seasoned leaders helps clients increase revenue, improve performance, and achieve your organizational objectives.

Whether you are looking to refine your strategic direction or improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, SMSC can help. The SMSC team includes a complement of healthcare executives and senior leaders that can help your practice achieve its critical business goals. Services in this area fall under three categories: Strategic Planning & Development, Practice Operations & Management, and Process Management. Primary benefits include:

  • Maximizing internal and external opportunities.
  • Developing new revenue streams.
  • Improving processes, workflows, and operational effectiveness.
  • Aligning operational activities with strategic goals.
  • Achieving greater success with strategic initiatives through better alignment of human, technical, and business resources.
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Key Services

  • Strategic Planning & Development


    • Evaluate new business models, markets, and technologies to assess potential revenue or other strategic advantages.
    • Conduct practice assessments to develop approaches that maximize organizational strengths and address weaknesses.
    • Provide comprehensive market analytics to identify environmental trends, competitive threats, and market opportunities.
    • Utilize a unique planning process that engages broad audiences including physicians, providers, and staff at all levels of the organization as well as external partners, patients, and other key constituencies.
    • Create easy-to-use strategic planning materials and documents that clearly communicate the organization’s vision and objectives.
  • Practice Operations & Management


    • Deliver interim or long-term executive or practice management services.
    • Regularly conduct an array of business analytics to track progress with strategic objectives and ensure data-driven decision making.
    • Lead diverse staff teams.
    • Implement programs that improve patient satisfaction.
  • Process Management


    • Lead complex projects to successful completion, utilizing Agile, Waterfall, and other methodologies.
    • Utilize the Six Sigma approach to help clients increase performance and improve efficiency.
    • Create robust change management and communication plans that align human resources with business initiatives.

Key Service Line Team Members

David Landry


Beth Austin

Vice President, Operations

Leslie Weeks

Vice President, Physician Practices

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